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A Result-Driven Strategist

I am CHIMSA, Well, my full name is Lydia Chimsa Baba. Chimsa is my traditional middle name used to sign all my works. You will especially find them written prominently in my digital artworks.

Professionally, I am a DIGITAL MARKETER. So if you found my portfolio online by searching the web using 'special' keywords or casually surfing the online universe, then my job has been executed well. Marketing is a fast-paced industry. Therefore, I always make sure to stay ahead of the curve by harnessing an effective solution that fits your specific needs. Have a look at my Digital Marketing and Art Portfolio to learn how I can help. Don't forget to get in touch with any questions and read some articles on my blog.

I am also a DIGITAL ARTIST, specializing mostly in portraits, a GRAPHICS DESIGNER AND ILLUSTRATOR, a MOTION GRAPHICS AND GIF ARTIST and a WRITER if you had not guessed so already. Also...

...that is my picture on the side  :)

About Me: Welcome
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