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The Evil Laugh Article

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

That laugh; sounded so evil, yet it was the laugh of a happy party goer next door. It seemed like the louder she laughed, the more annoyed I got. Her laughter sounded so throaty and manly. Don't worry, that's my mind trying to rationalise the reason for my annoyance.

I didn’t mind the happiness and the chilling next door whilst I lay in bed trying to sleep. I was just annoyed that the happiness and laughter of someone I didn’t know was triggering my restless mind. When all I wanted to do was to sleep early for once to wake up early to attend my off grid, shitty job with hand-to-mouth pay.

Or maybe I was annoyed with the fact that I had to force myself to sleep because my survival was based on that job. I’m a nocturnal being for heaven's sake!


…I calm my raging mind. If I am being completely honest, I was really annoyed because I wish I could be in the party. The good old college days of study and party, I muse. That backyard party felt weird though.

This is because, in a way, I felt that laughter was mocking me and was also instigating others to do so. That harmless laughter from a party next door had morphed into the evil, throaty laughter of a bully mocking me for having no life. It was like the physical manifestation of the mocking laughter I see in my dreams, right in my backyard.

Ah well, there’s nothing I can do. Let me finish writing this article and use this party as background noise to sleep. We move...

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